About Me


About Lara

I have been practicing as a lawyer for over 17 years, mainly in the areas of Family Law and Estate Planning. I hold a masters in Law majoring in Family Law.

In more recent times I have started a coaching and training business focused on members of the legal profession. I am a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and currently on track to become an Internationally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

As a young lawyer I came to accept that stress, anxiety and burn out are very much part of the job of being a lawyer and that I had to find a way to survive in this profession.

What I didn’t realise was that living in such a state was not sustainable and eventually I hit rock bottom with ill mental health a few years ago.

I’m grateful for this experience because it was as a result of those moments of pain that I discovered so much about myself which led me to where I am today.

I eventually realised that life as a lawyer can easily consume your identity and become all that there is. Knowing something had to change, I decided to focus on wellness, mindset, resilience and being in control of my own mind and therefore my results.

To do this, I studied NLP as I was fascinated by how people – including myself – are run by programs that we have unconsciously installed.

As I began to share my experiences with other lawyers and people, it became clear to me that many people do not live consciously or within their values. I also quickly realised that as a profession, law is occupied by many practitioners, who are not happy, not fulfilled and are not realising their true potential. When we are mentally and emotionally aware and in control we can perform at our best and be happier and healthier lawyers!

So, I decided that my purpose was not only to be a conscious lawyer but to also help other lawyers gain insight and better manage their lives and careers so they can practice with integrity and find the fulfilment that they deserve!

As a Performance and Wellness Coach who has also practiced as a lawyer, I value Integrity, Human Connection and Contribution. I am here to help you enhance your career with focus, congruency and authenticity so you can believe and achieve results that line up with your true potential.

The first step is always awareness, from there change is always possible.