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Individual Coaching
Increase your awareness, improve your performance and well-being, clear the blocks that hold you back and achieve the results that you desire.

This service is offered either in packages or ad hoc sessions, to individuals from law students all the way to senior partners. The sessions are one-hour sessions and can be either face to face, over the phone or remotely.

Mental Detox Package

  • Are you getting in your own way and almost sabotaging your own success?
  • Do you find yourself stuck in patterns of emotions, habits, triggers and behaviours that are not serving you?
  • Are you living outside of your value system?
  • Are you being held back by limiting beliefs about yourself, the world or the profession?
  • Do you need to enhance what is working for you and change what is not?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this package is for you!

Build awareness and detox your mind of old and unresourceful patterns and access, build and enhance resources that will help you reach your desired state so that you can have the career and the life that you want.

Limitless Mindset Package

  • Do you have a project or goal that you desire to achieve?
  • Do you need the clarity and the direction to move forward on your dream?
  • Do you need a strategy or a well thought out action plan to achieve the results you’re after?
  • Is your fear preventing you from taking action?
  • Do you need to develop the mindset of a champion to go after and achieve your goals?
If you answered yes to any of the above then this package is for you!

Create your vision of a compelling future and the mindset you need to achieve your goal. Learn how to set goals, stay accountable and on track. Align your unconscious mind with your goal so that you are propelled towards it.

Single sessions are also offered on an ad hoc basis for accountability or maintenance coaching.
CPD Programs
Online and face to face Continuing Professional Development designed to improve your practice by promoting a healthy mindset.

Earn your compulsory CPD points in interactive and fun learning environment with a difference. Learn skills that are not taught to us in law school that can enhance your practice, your well-being and happiness.

Immerse your team in a learning environment to improve communication, leadership and mental health.

The reality of our legal education is that it does not provide us with the leadership training required to build skills to enable us to be effective leaders. What effectively happens is that a gap is left, between the technical skills required to do our jobs and the leadership skills required to be fulfilled whilst doing our jobs.

Mind the Gap!

Mind the Gap, is a programme designed to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle of being an effective and happy lawyer.

This program is based around the 3 C’s of

  • Connecting – Learn how to connect with yourself and increase your awareness as well as connecting with your client.
  • Communicating – effective, intentional and clear to help build understanding, engagement and respect.
  • Creating – an experience that your client will favourably remember and talk about.

Using the science of NLP and Neuro science this program is designed to bring your team and your practice to a new level of awareness, growth and fulfilment.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops in this program are offered to work with teams and individuals within the team, to upskill in the areas of communication with self and others, connection, influence, engagement and leadership and stress reduction. These skills are vital in our day to day practice and they make all the difference in terms of client and time management, productivity and most importantly our wellbeing.

Increase staff wellbeing and fulfilment and therefore productivity, increase client satisfaction, referrals, and manage client costs, and expectations. Ideally, a full day immersion learning is the most effective way to deliver this program, however, this can be adjusted to cater for the firm’s needs.

Prices quoted based on size of group and location.
Group Coaching/training
In house interactive training workshops tailored to your firm's needs, to bring out the best in your legal team.

These workshops are designed around the needs of the practice and the teams within it. Topics, timing and delivery are tailored around what your team is missing, what it needs to enhance and what needs to be changed. Unleash the power of your legal team and their amazing collective mind.

Prices are quoted based on the program developed.

Contact Lara

Contact us to find out more about our coaching packages and how coaching can be of benefit to you. Ask us about our group training programs and how we can help bring your legal team to a new level of Awareness, Growth and Success.