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  • Robert Mykietyn
    My experience with Lara’s wellbeing coaching program has taught me invaluable life skills that have enabled me to achieve my goals and achieve success in many areas including my legal career, sports, health & wellbeing.

    Through reflection, self-observation and awareness, Lara’s unique coaching style has taken me on a journey to develop my emotion and cognition influence decision-making. This has allowed me to effectively plan, accomplish & exceed my goals, as well as creating more balance in my health & wellbeing.

    Lara’s sincere coaching style also enables her to have long-lasting client relationships that are built on trust. I thank Lara for the invaluable journey, experience and acquired life skills which have given me results and will continue to use in many areas of my life.
    Robert Mykietyn
  • Magnus C
    It was an absolute pleasure being coached by Lara. I felt relaxed from the first moment I sat down with her. The clever questions that she asked helped me discover a totally new perspective and look at challenges in a completely different way. As a result, I now feel totally calm in situations that used to cause me a lot of worry and concern. I was surprised at how quickly things can change. I would happily recommend Lara!
    Magnus C
  • Elizabeth Chase
    Lara has been a wonderful Coach. She really helped me get into the nitty gritty of my psychology and has some wonderful tools to help me with. We have gone on an amazing journey together over the last 6 months and I can see how I have grown and evolved so much through this process. I have a lot more confidence in myself now and have learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t realise before this coaching. Lara is a very sincere and caring person and she really wants to help you reach your highest potential.

    Lara helped me smash through my internal barriers and set me on a path towards success and fulfillment. I highly recommend Lara to anyone wanting to experience more satisfaction in career and life.
    Elizabeth Chase
  • Dr Michelle Sharpe
    Lara is awesome. She is like a personal trainer for your mind. She will have your mind doing squats and crunches and have it bench pressing problems and obstacles before you know it. I bought a 6 session coaching package. The money I spent on Lara’s coaching was the best possible investment I could have made in myself and my career.

    Her coaching helped be to identify self-limiting beliefs and taught me practical strategies to tackle them. But, most importantly of all, Lara helped me to understand my own worth. I highly recommend Lara’s coaching services to anyone. And I do.
    Dr Michelle Sharpe
  • Mark Wang
    Lara Wentworth took over the conduct of my long-running Family Law property litigation at the beginning of 2017, and saw it through to its conclusion by the end of that year. As a client of Lara, I felt assured by her depth of technical knowledge in Family Law and her ability to explain the nuances in the various legal principles, rationales and policies at play. I observed Lara to be an effective advocate on her feet and a tenacious deal maker in settlement negotiations. As a lawyer myself, I formed the view that Lara would make a formidable opponent (if she had practised in commercial litigation instead). What truly impressed me was the ease with which she engaged with me on issues that were difficult and personal to me. Without compromising her objectivity and hardnosed pragmatism, Lara displayed a degree of empathy which is, in my experience, unusual for a legal practitioner of her seniority and field experience. I know little and cannot speak about Nuero-Linguistic Programing. I am naturally sceptical about any self-improvement programme that does not involve a relentless punishing regimen of punishing diet and relentless cardio. I do think that even the most jaded, hardened and cynical might discover a refreshing perspective on life if he or she could set aside a few six-minute units to talk to Lara.
    Mark Wang
  • Karen Watson
    Lara has been my business coach for 5 months now. I started with Lara’s 6 session package and continued engaging in sessions with Lara on a weekly or fortnightly basis after the package was completed.  I had started feeling dissatisfied with my work and business, I was searching for a way to become passionate, excited and focused on my business again.  I have found Lara’s coaching sessions invaluable, they have helped me not only in business and my professional life but also on a personal level.   Lara has helped with business planning, goal planning, motivating myself and motivating my team.  Lara has helped me not only become more self-aware but also aware what motivates the different personalities in my team.  Lara has taught me not only practical skills but also with training on a subconscious level.   Lara has kept me accountable when I need to be kept accountable but will also adapt the sessions for what I may need at that particular time, whether it be business planning or developing self-awareness to deal with difficult situations or projects.   I have gained more than I ever expected from working with Lara. I have learnt so much about myself and on a subconscious level have changed my perspective and approach to my environment and the people in my environment in a positive way.   Lara’s performance and coaching sessions have been invaluable to me and as a result I have now engaged Lara to work with my professional staff.
    Karen Watson